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APMEN Fellowship Program 2012 Guidelines

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Applications must be received by Friday, 24 August, 2012.
Applications are to be emailed to: with the subject “APMEN Fellowship application”.

Selection CriteriaProposed topic of study is malaria elimination focused Strength and feasibility of mentoring relationshipClear learning objectives are identified and feasibility that these goals can be achieved within the scope of the Fellowship experienceConsistency of the proposal with nationally approved priorities in the context of malaria eliminationLearnings can be translated into clear deliverables that will facilitate elimination in the home country programCandidate has a strong educational background as well as experiences and accomplishments that reflect a commitment to malaria elimination in their countryCandidate demonstrates commitment to a future career in malaria in their home country

Selection and Award ProcessFellows will be selected based on the merit of their written application and against the aboveSelection Criteria by the APMEN Fellowship Program Committee. The Fellowship Committee is composed of 3 Country Partner representatives, 1 Partner Institution representative and 1 APMEN Secretariat representative. The Fellowship Program Committee will nominate successful applicants by consensus, who will then be forwarded to the APMEN Advisory Board for confirmation and final approval.
All applicants (successful and non-successful) will be notified in writing by the APMEN Secretariat of the outcome of their application. The successful applicants will also be advertised on the APMEN website. Non-successful applicants are encouraged to contact the APMEN Secretariat to request feedback from the Fellowship Program Committee on their application.
Selection and Award process timeline:

APMEN Fellowship Program 2012 applications open 16 July 2012

APMEN Fellowship Program 2012 application deadline 24 August 2012

Fellowship Program Committee application review period August 2012

APMEN Fellowship Program 2012 awards granted September 2012

Reporting RequirementsUpon completion of the Fellowship, Fellows will be required to prepare a written report (outline will be provided by the APMEN Secretariat) to share with the APMEN Fellowship Program Committee. This report will describe the Fellow’s experiences and will demonstrate how, upon return to their home country, they will apply lessons learned to the benefit of the National Malaria Control Program. Fellows may also be required to provide a complete financial acquittal on completion of their Fellowship which will include an itemised list of their expenditures.
Fellows may be invited to present their Fellowship experience in person or via poster presentation during the APMEN annual meeting.

AlumniUpon completion of the APMEN Fellowship Program, Fellow’s will automatically become members of the APMEN Fellowship Alumni. The aim of the Alumni is to promote sustained information sharing and collaboration on malaria elimination related work and to encourage continued engagement with APMEN.

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